“When the Blind Start Seeing, Part 2” (John 9:13-34)

Jesus’ healing of the blind man caused a great disruption to the wrong religious traditions of his time. The religious unbelievers would show themselves to be the truly blind, while the blind man who was healed, would show himself to be truly seeing. This miracle is a picture of Gospel transformation. In this passage, we learn that Gospel transformation addresses five key issues in our lives.

1. The Twisting of Truth (vv. 13-17)

2. The Unwilling Unbelief (vv. 18-23)

3. The Certainty of Seeing (vv. 24-25)

4. The Sightlessness of Sin (vv. 26-29)

5. The Sureness of the Savior (vv. 30-34)

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