This passage teaches readers that eternal life is rooted in a biblical understanding of the person of Jesus Christ. In this passage, we learn that Christ alone can offer eternal life for three reasons.  Christ offers eternal life because of who He is, what He’s done, and what He offers.


I. Christ’s Nature (John 1:1-2)

A. His Divinity in His Pre-Existence

B. His Divinity as Part of the God-Head

II. Christ’s Activity (John 1:3)

A. Creation Because of Him

B. No Creation without Him

III. Christ’s Offer: Eternal Life (John 1:4-5)

A. His Offer is Valuable

B. His Offer is Eternal



1. How would you describe your doctrinal understanding of Christ? Do you understand that what you believe is important because it is directly related to how you behave?

2. How does this text help you refute the false teaching that Jesus Christ is not divine? False teaching is everywhere nowadays and we must be ready to uphold biblical truth.

3. Since Christ is the creator of heaven and earth, do you understand that you belong to Him (Ps. 24:1)? He owns everything, including you. How does your life reflect His Lordship?

4. How is your life a present-day avenue through which the Light of Christ shines in the darkness of our world? Christ’s light shines through the obedience of His children, where is that in your life?

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