Today, we will consider the biblical belief that the congregation does bear a form authority in the Christian’s life and in the life of the church. We will see that the Bible teaches that the congregation has parameters of authority. We will also see that the Bible teaches us the proper character that accompanies congregational authority.

I. The Parameters of Congregational Authority

A. Gospel Belief

B. Gospel Behavior

II. The Properties of Congregational Authority

A. Authority with Love

B. Authority with Peace

C. Authority with Unity

D. Authority with Focus


1. Do you understand how your belief in the gospel impacts those that surround you? You do not believe the gospel in a vacuum. How do you know if your church is properly teaching the gospel if you do not attend church services, Bible study, or are inactive in ministry?

2. Do you understand that Christian beliefs should lead to and promote Christian behavior. This is a reality that is applied to both self and to others in the form of accountability.

3. Are you committed to a group of Christians where you can express true Christian love? Peace? Unity? Focus?

4. Do you understand that formalized commitment to a local church (membership) is a practical way to express these principles. If so, where do you have committed membership?

5. How can you help promote Christian love, peace, unity, and focus?

6. Do you realize that churches have committed themselves to these principles in a formalized manner? They express these commitments in the form of a promise, these are often articulated in a covenant. Still, this commitment is only meaningful when it is pursued and practiced. As a church, is there a limit to the level of commitment we must have to one another?


Selected Passages
United States of Authority
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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