The sixth commandment is not only about refraining from the violent act of murder, but it also reminds us of our Christian responsibility to express love towards other human beings. This commandment teaches us five truths about the values of human life and our God-given responsibility to protect it.


I. Clarifying the Meaning of Murder

II. Understanding the Reasoning for Murder’s Prohibition

III. Guarding Against the Vices Driving Murder

IV. Recognizing Where Society is Accepting of Murder

V. Possessing Hope in the Resurrected Christ

Questions For Application

1. What are some scenarios where the taking of human life is biblically justifiable?

2. What gives a human being value? How would you prove your beliefs from the Scriptures? Why does Scripture prohibit the taking of human life but not the taking of animal life?

3. What sins do you struggle with today that are roots to the sin of murder? Are you a self-controlled individual? How do you deal with temptations of anger, rage, envy, malice, etc.?

4. There are some circumstances where non-Christians will justify murder. In which of those circumstances might you feel tempted to compromise?

5. Jesus Himself was murdered How does Christ’s death and resurrection shape your struggles with the sin of murder and its related vices?

Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17
The Sixth Commandment
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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