This passage continues Paul’s personal testimony. He continues to compare the true gospel and its impact on sinners such as himself with the gospel of the false teachers in Ephesus. The gospel of the false teachers produces immorality, but the true gospel saves and sanctifies sinners for the glory of God. This passage teaches us two truths about the true gospel.


I. The Demonstration of Mercy (1 Tim 1:16)

A. The Purpose for the Demonstration

B. The Audience of the Demonstration

II. The Doxology (1 Tim 1:17)

A. The Attributes of the Merciful God

1. Eternal King

2. Immortal

3. Invisible

4. Only God

B. The Ascription to the Merciful God: Honor & Glory

Questions for Application

1. Have you received mercy? What are your appropriate proofs or manifestations that someone has been given the gift of eternal life? 

2. In what areas has God shown you patience? What are the specific sins that you have struggled with in the past but now find victory over? What are specific sins that you currently struggle with? 

3. Are the changes that God is bringing in your life noticeable by others? Are they encouragements to unbelievers to consider the truth claims of Christianity? 

4. In what ways should verse 17 shape your view of God? 

5. Worship is the Christian’s HIGHEST priority. How does your life reflect that God is your priority? 

Does your theology lead you to glorify God?
Does your time management glorify God?
Does your financial management and/or goals glorify God?
Do your relationships glorify God?
Do your hobbies glorify God?
Do your eating (or drinking) habits glorify God?
Does your Sunday routine glorify God?

6. Think of someone you respect in life. Think of someone you have reverence for in your life. How might that person reveal what you value and pursue?

First Timothy 1:16-17
The Grandeur of a God Who Saves
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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