The fifth commandment begins the second table of the Law (love for your neighbor). Honoring your parents serves as a foundation for loving others since it highlights the first and most fundamental human relationship, the parent-to-child relationship. Obedience to the fifth commandment cannot occur independent from faith in Christ. It also requires we understand five key elements of the commandment.


I. Call to Proper Parenting


II. Compliance of God-Loving Children


III. Constraint of the Command


IV. Compensation for Obedience


V. Comprehensive Nature of the Command

Questions for Application

1. For the parents, in what ways does the Bible shape your parenting? Before looking ahead, ask yourself what biblical passages have helped you as a parent?

What informs and guides the commands you give to your children? The Bible is extremely practical and devotion to its content makes you better parents. 

2. For younger children, Kevin DeYoung suggests constantly using four phrases to honor our parents (pp. 91-92). Consider how you can meaningfully use these phrases from a humble and joyful heart:

(1) “Yes, Mom” or  “Yes, Dad.” Obey your parents with cheerful obedience. (2) “Thank you, Dad” or  “Thank you, Mom.” Express gratitude because it shows you recognize the hard-work they do for you. (3) “I’m sorry.” Learn to apologize without excuses. We are sinners and make mistakes. (4) “Hello.” Learn to continue communication with them as you get older and become more independent.

3. For older children, how can you care for your parents in their elderly age. How will you personally and lovingly take care of them as they did for you when you were a newborn, child, teenager, and adult? 

4. For believing children, how can you respectfully disagree with your parents commands when they are asking you to sin? 

5. How has obedience to your parents led to abundance and fullness of life? Call them and let them know how their parenting has blessed your life. 


Exodus 20:12; Deuteronomy 5:16
The Fifth Commandment
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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