This passage describes Paul’s instructions to Timothy for the church in Ephesus. Timothy is called to act on behalf of Paul in order to protect the church from opponents of His gospel.


This passages teaches us that those who live a gospel-centered life are engaged in the following activities:

I. Recognize God’s Authority

II. Rebuke Ungodliness

III. Reject Poor Doctrine

IV. Reinforce God’s Standard

Questions For Application

1. What is Paul’s relationship with Timothy? With the church in Ephesus? What do these relationships teach us about church leadership?

2. What is the church’s responsibility to those who show signs of straying from foundational Christian beliefs? What are you doing to build up your faith and beliefs to protect you from such straying?

3. Consider your beliefs and ask yourself whether or not they actually produce genuine fruit of the Spirit. Does your life show spiritual progress?

4. What is God’s order for His household? How does your life indicate a commitment to God’s ordained order for the church?

5. What is God’s plan to bring the lost to saving faith? Can you articulate the foundational beliefs of the gospel? When is the last time you shared these truths?

First Timothy 1:3-4
The Battle for Beliefs
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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