“Redeeming a Painful Past in a New Year” (Selected Scriptures)

Summary: We will be studying how the Gospel can help address our painful past so that we can respond with a heart filled with peace and joy in Christ for the future.

I. Defining the Painful Past
A. What is a Painful Past?
B. How Does Scripture Address a Painful Past?
C. How Do I Organize the Painful Past?

II. Interpreting the Painful Past
A. The Lies about the Past
1. The Past is Nothing
2. The Past is Everything
3. The Past Should Be Ignored
4. The Past Needs Worldly Solutions
B. The Truth about the Past
1. The Past is Real and Painful
2. The Past Influences but Doesn’t Determine
3. The Past Can Sanctify and Grow the Believer
4. The Past is Under King Jesus

III. Dealing with the Painful Past
A. Interpret the Past Correctly
B. Lament and Grieve
C. Learn about Yourself and Your Temptations
D. Pursue Restoration and Repentance
E. Serve and Encourage Others
F. Ask for Help
G. Dwell on Truth and Scripture
H. Remember with a Redeemed Memory
I. Reside in God and the Gospel

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