The Grandeur of a God Who Saves

This passage continues Paul’s personal testimony. He continues to compare the true gospel and its impact on sinners such as himself with the gospel of the false teachers in Ephesus. The gospel of the false teachers produces immorality, but the true gospel saves and sanctifies sinners for the glory of God. This passage teaches us two truths about the true gospel.

Services and Offerings: The Dangers of Cheap Worship

In light of God’s love for His people, Malachi is confronting and rebuking the priests, who were supposed to be God’s representative and worship leaders of Israel, in their lack of honor and reverence towards God. Evidenced by their complacency which resulted to the desecration of the altar and apathy towards God.

The First Faithful Saying

This text reminds Christians of the unmovable truths of the gospel that gave Paul his thanksgiving (1 Tim 1:12-14) and strengthens our confidence in Christ’s forgiveness (1 Tim 1:16-17). This passage contains two unmovable truths that glorify Christ and encourage our souls.

Gospel Gratitude For Gospel Change

Paul shows the difference between the true gospel and the errant gospels of the false teachers in Ephesus. This passage teaches Christians that the true gospel is not just about the mind, it is about the genuine change of heart that leads to a change in lifestyle. God’s love expressed in the gospel leads Paul to express true gratitude.

The Lawful Use of the Law

The false teachers in Ephesus were inappropriately using the Law to skew basic gospel truths. Here, Paul sets the record straight by reminding the readers that the Law could not provide the righteousness necessary to stand before God. Instead, readers are reminded that our righteousness must come from Christ. These truths are important because they protect the church’s pursuit of holiness

Character vs. Corruption

This passage teaches today’s Christians that the growth and development of Christian love is the genuine result of God’s work in the life and service of the saint. Those who make a departure from the path that leads to love are exposed by their confident arrogance.

The Battle for Beliefs

This passage describes Paul’s instructions to Timothy for the church in Ephesus. Timothy is called to act on behalf of Paul in order to protect the church from opponents of His gospel.