Congregational Conduct: Service for the Savior

Questions for Application 1. What is the purpose for our existence? 2. Based on this passage, do you serve because you’re saved or are you saved because you serve? 3. Where has God placed you to serve? What are your God-given gifts and how are you using them for the edification of God’s people? 4. […]

The Sixth Commandment

The sixth commandment is not only about refraining from the violent act of murder, but it also reminds us of our Christian responsibility to express love towards other human beings. This commandment teaches us five truths about the values of human life and our God-given responsibility to protect it.

The Fifth Commandment

The fifth commandment begins the second table of the Law (love for your neighbor). Honoring your parents serves as a foundation for loving others since it highlights the first and most fundamental human relationship, the parent-to-child relationship. Obedience to the fifth commandment cannot occur independent from faith in Christ. It also requires we understand five key elements of the commandment.