Paul shows the difference between the true gospel and the errant gospels of the false teachers in Ephesus. This passage teaches Christians that the true gospel is not just about the mind, it is about the genuine change of heart that leads to a change in lifestyle. God’s love expressed in the gospel leads Paul to express true gratitude. Paul provides three features of genuine Christian gratitude:


I. Gospel Gratitude for Strengthening (1 Tim 1:12a)

II. Gospel Gratitude for Considering (1 Tim 1:12b-13a)

A. Considering that Leads to Appointing

B. Considering that Practices Overlooking

III. Gospel Gratitude for Saving (1 Tim 1:13-14)

A. Saving Us in Our Ignorance

B. Saving Us by Grace in Christ

Questions For Application

1. At what point did you receive the strength to live the Christian life? 

2. What is the connection between receiving strength for Christian living and service and gratitude? 

3. What term did Paul use to describe where God placed him in ministry? How is this different or similar to where God has placed you in the Christian life? 

4. In what current way are you serving God’s people? How can you improve your love for the brethren? 

5. What lifestyle did God save you from? Can you name specific sins from which God saved you? 

6. How would you describe the status of your faith and love? 

7. What does it mean to be united with Christ? Read through 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, and Titus and try to find every occurrence of the phrase, “in Christ.” How does this phrase encourage your Christ faith. (Hint: you should find 9 occurrences). 

1 Timothy 1:12-14
Gospel Gratitude for Gospel Change
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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