The mediating work of Jesus Christ provides for us the confidence that our God hears our prayers and accepts our service. This passage provides four truths that ensure our prayers are heard and accepted before God.


I. Jesus Is the Only Mediator for the Only God (v. 5a)

II. Jesus Is the Only Mediator Representing Humanity (v. 5b)

III. Jesus Is the Only Mediator Who Is Our Substitute. (v. 6a)

IV. Jesus the Only Mediator Is Our Message (v. 6b)

Questions for Application

  1. What is the relationship of this passage (vv. 5-7) with the overall context of the epistle? Chapter? Paragraph?
  2. How would you describe the essence and nature of God? What does it mean for God to be One?
  3. Why would people in the world be turned off by the idea of a single mediator between God and men?
  4. Why do you need a mediator between you and God? How does the Bible describe our status before God and His posture towards us?
  5. How does this passage transform the way we interact with other people? How does it impact the way we speak with unbelievers? What should the emphasis of our evangelistic efforts be based on this passage?
  6. What are you saved from? What are you saved to? How do your actions reflect that Christ has truly pad for your sin and is your representative before God?

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