“Christmas Praise and Prophecy, Part 2” (Luke 1: 67-80)


Zacharias’ prophecy teaches us many truths about God, His salvation, and the Messiah that He sent in order to deliver His people.


  1. Praising God for His Salvation (67-75)
    a. His Praise Deserved (67-69)
    b. His Prophesied Deliverance (70-71)
    c. His Promise Distributed (72-73)
    d. His People’s Duty (74-75)
  2. Preparing for God and His Messiah (76-80)
    a. God Gives His Messiah (76, 80)
    b. God Gives Knowledge of Salvation (77)
    c. God Gives Light in Darkness (78-79)

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