This passage teaches today’s Christians that the growth and development of Christian love is the genuine result of God’s work in the life and service of the saint. Those who make a departure from the path that leads to love are exposed by their confident arrogance


I. The Character of Christian Ministry (1 Timothy 1:5)

A. The Objective of Christian Ministry

B. The Origin of the Objective

1.  The Pure Heart

2. The Good Conscience

3. The Sincere Faith

II. The Corruption of Christian Ministry (1 Timothy 1:6-7)

A. The Circumstances of Corruption: Straying

B. The Chase of Corruption: Law Teachers

C. The Concession to Corruption: Misunderstanding

Questions for Application

1. Prior to today, what characterized successful Christian service & obedience? How would you measure success before God?

2. What best describes the status of your heart, conscience, faith? Do you have a purified heart? Has God cleansed you from your sins in Christ Jesus?

Do you possess a good conscience or has it been seared by the things in the world? What are your everyday and regular influences that could be affecting your conscience?

Do you possess a sincere faith or do you struggle with hypocrisy? Do you struggle with letting others around you see the “real you” in fear of how you may be perceived? Remember, a sincere faith is a humble and honest faith. 

3. In what areas do you feel worldly pressure to stray from God’s truth? What theological and current issues might you be struggling to believe at the moment? Go back to God’s Word and really try and study what it has to say about this area of your Christian faith.

4. What desires or aspirations do you have for Christian service? And are you well-equipped to take up the task of serving Christ in this way? Are there genuine and observable fruits of your ministry you participate in or do you find yourself inserting yourself in places your gifts are not properly used?

5. Think of the last time you realized you didn’t have an answer to a question. How did you react? What will you do the next time when you may not have genuinely sought after understanding of the text?

First Timothy 1:5-7
Character vs. Corruption
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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