Today, we’re going to consider the background of the book of 1 Timothy. We will consider the author (Paul), the recipient (Timothy), and the situation in Ephesus that prompted the writing of this epistle. Here, we will learn valuable lessons about faithful Christian living and the importance of the local church for the growth and development of every Christian.


I. Paul the Evangelist

A. Faithful Evangelist (Acts 14:6-7)

B. Persevering Evangelist (Acts 14:19-22)

II. Timothy the Disciple

A. Raised by Godly Parents (Acts 16:1, 2 Tim 3:14-15, 2 Tim 1:5)

B. Discipled by a Godly Man (Acts 16:2-5)

C. Dependent on God’s Sovereignty (Acts 16:6-10)

III. Ephesus the Local Body

A. Faithfully Taught (Acts 20:20, 27, 31)

B. Under Attack (Acts 20:30-31)

C. God’s Instructions (1 Tim 1:3, 3:14-16)


  1. How can you be more intentional in sharing the gospel with the opportunities that God has given you? 
  2. To what extent have you suffered for the gospel? To what extent are you willing to suffer for the gospel? 
  3. If you were raised by godly parent(s), how have you expressed appreciation for this labor? 
  4. If you were not raised by godly parent(s), how has that impacted your spirituality? 
  5. Who do you have actively speaking into your life? Do you seek to cultivate relationships with people outside of your demographic? 
  6. What are the potential threats to the purity of this local church? Can you identify any potential doctrinal compromises? What about morally? Are there any areas of morality that this local church is prone to compromise given our culture and society? 
  7. Read through the book of 1 Timothy and pray that God would change the church through the contents of this wonderful book!

1 Timothy 1:1-2
First Timothy Intro (Part 1): By God’s People For God’s People
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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