This passage provides us the truths regarding the manner in which Christ protects and builds up the church which is the place of a Christian’s spiritual nourishment. In it, we see God building the church through faithful servants (Paul), committed disciples (Timothy), and His spiritual empowerment


I. Paul the Apostle (1 Tim 1:1)

A. An Apostle of Christ

B. An Apostle Under Command

II. Timothy the Disciple (1 Tim 1:2a)

A. The Familial Relationship

B. The Faith-Based Relationship

III. The Greeting (1 Tim 1:2b)

A. The Content of the Greeting

1. Grace

2. Mercy

3. Peace

B. The Source of the Greeting

Questions For Application

  1. While we were not apostles, God has called all Christians to serve Him in some way for the building up of His church. Are you submissive to the Lord’s calling?

  2. Take a moment to consider what it means for Christ to be “your hope.” What are the implications of having your hope embodied in the Son of God?

    If you have never considered the joy of possessing Christ as your hope, where have you been placing your hope? What does this say about the Christian faith?

  3. What are the origins of your Christian faith? Do you have any spiritual fathers and mothers that you should honor and express gratitude towards? What is the common reality that binds all believers from all different walks of life?

  4. What is unique about this salutation that is not found in many of Paul’s other salutations?

  5. Doctrinally, what does this passage have to say about the nature and essense of Jesus Christ? What does it say about His relationship with God the Father?

By God’s People, For God’s People
First Timothy 1:1-2
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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