This passage reminds Christians of their responsibility to engage in the battle for purity. This fight for purity is not merely for the right beliefs of Christianity but for the right behaviors. We must diligently care for what other Christians preach and what they practice!


I. The Battlers (vv. 18-19a)

A. Our Responsibility (v. 18a)

B. Our Equipment (v. 18b)

       C. Our Purpose (v. 18c)

       D. Our Possessions (v. 19a)

II. The Betrayers (vv. 19b-20)

A. Their Rejection (v. 19b)

B. Their Identity (v. 20a)

       C. Their Need for Corrective Discipline (v. 20b)

Questions for Application

1. What has been entrusted to the church to protect and promote? 

2. What spiritual gifts have you received that contribute to care for what has been entrusted to us? 

     2b. How are you using those spiritual gifts in the church today?

3. How have you prepared for the good fight? 

4. What are the challenges in our local church that threaten our faithfulness? How should we actively fight the good fight? 

5. How have you strengthened your faith? What can you do on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis that would help shape your conscience? 

First Timothy 1:18-20
Battling Betrayers (Part 1)
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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