For the Christian, the holiday season is truly celebrated when we understand the doctrine of the incarnation of God the Son. This is a key doctrine that Christians have always believed. Today, we look at one passage that informs our understanding of the incarnation and will therefore help us celebrate Christmas in a God-honoring way.



I. The Incarnation of the Word: God in Human Flesh

A. The Divine Word

B. The Divine Word Assumes Flesh

II. The Association of the Word: God With Us

A. The Dwelling Word

B. The Destination of His Dwelling

III. The Manifestation of the Word: God Displays His Glory

A. A Glory of Grace

B. A Glory of Truth



1. How does this passage tell us about how one can know God?

2. What does this passage tell us about God’s desire to reconcile with humanity? How far back does God’s plan go? How far forward does it go?

3. How does this passage remind us that God truly does care about our life and what it means to be human?

4. What does this passage tell us about the purpose of our existence?

5. What does it mean to behold the glory of God in Christ Jesus?

6. How would you use this passage to defend the deity of Christ and the humanity of Christ?

7. How would you explain this passage to an unbeliever during the Christmas season?


John 1:14
A God Who Dwells
Pastor Mark Pakingan

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