God’s fourth pronouncement of judgement serves as a warning to the depraved manipulator of people. God will bring judgment to those who abuse others and seek to glorify themselves. The Christian finds hope in God’s righteousness and salvation, and desires to serve and to help others in light of the Gospel.


I.     The Looter Will Be Looted (v. 2:6-8)

II.    The Arrogant Will Be Shamed (v. 2:9-11)

III.   The Vain-Builder Will Answer to God’s Glory (v. 2:12-14)

IV.    The Manipulator Will Be Devastated (v. 2:15-17)

         1.     The Identity: A Life of Depraved Manipulation (v. 15)

         2.     The Threat: A Life of Glory Turned to Shame (v. 16)

         3.      The Reason: A Life of Abuse in the Land (v. 17)

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