United Saints of Authority

Today, we will consider the biblical belief that the congregation does bear a form authority in the Christian’s life and in the life of the church. We will see that the Bible teaches that the congregation has parameters of authority. We will also see that the Bible teaches us the proper character that accompanies congregational authority.

The Chief End of Man

The epilogue of Ecclesiastes provides readers with four takeaways from the entire book. These takeaways help bring clarity to some of the complex situations that Ecclesiastes represents

Steadfast in the Rollercoaster of Life

There are many things in life that we cannot control, but in this passage God is calling us to remain faithful to Him despite our earthly circumstances. While many things around us can change, we must never change in our resolve to joyfully live for God. This passage reminds us to live for God no matter the situation. First, we are called to live for God when life is uncertain. Second, we are called to live for God until He calls us home.

When Wisdom Turns Rancid

Solomon’s series of proverbs in Ecclesiastes 9:13-10:20 instructs readers that our fallen practice of wisdom can often turn rancid. As sinners, our attempts to apply wisdom will often turn sour. This text reminds us of the deficiencies of our wisdom and the destruction of foolishness. These truths remind us of our constant need for the Gospel of grace in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Delighting Before Death

This passage instructs Christians that our beliefs should not be based on emotions, but on truth. Our beliefs matter because they shape the way we approach and live life. This passage teaches us four beliefs that shape the Christian life into a God-centered, God-glorifying, and God-satisfying life.