Congregational Conduct: on Elders (Part 3)

This text continues to provide churches with the proper biblical qualifications for the office of overseer. These qualifications are important because they strengthen the church and exemplify the faith to the members. Outline I.     The Overseer’s Desire (v.1) II.    The Overseer’s Godly Character (vv. 2-3) III.   The Overseer’s Relationship with Others (vv. 4-7)

Are You Anchored by Faith

God contrasts the life of the proud person with the life of the righteous. The righteous man’s faith in God functions as an anchor for his life even in the midst of the trials.

Ebenezer: Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us

Outline I. The Participants in the Glorious Victory      A.   A Godly Leader      B.   A Repentant People      C.   A Miracle Working God II. A Tribute to God’s Faithfulness: Ebenezer      A.   A reminder of God’s faithfulness      B.   A reminder of God’s provision for our everyday strength   […]

The Fruits of Justification

Summary Paul gives us two implication of being justified by faith, so that we can have security in this world as we wait for Christ’s return. Outline I. The Believer has Reconciliation with God (vv. 1-2a) II. The Believer has confidence (vv. 2b-5) A. Confidence Upon the Hope of Glory (v. 2b) B. Confidence Amidst […]