“When the Blind Start Seeing, Part 2” (John 9:13-34)

“When the Blind Start Seeing, Part 2” (John 9:13-34) Jesus’ healing of the blind man caused a great disruption to the wrong religious traditions of his time. The religious unbelievers would show themselves to be the truly blind, while the blind man who was healed, would show himself to be truly seeing. This miracle is […]

The Seated Sacrifice

The Seated Sacrifice Hebrews 10:1-18 Resources: What is the Gospel? : How Do I Choose a Church? : Recommended Resources : Follow Us :

When the Blind Start Seeing, Part 1

When the Blind Start Seeing, Part 1 John 9:1-12 Jesus’ miraculous healing of the blind man teaches us four key observations that we must watch as we recognize Jesus as the Light of the world who saves those in spiritual darkness. Resources: What is the Gospel? : How Do I Choose a Church? : […]

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God’s Solution for Worrying in the New Year

God’s Solution for Worrying in the New Year In the Sermon on the Mount, King Jesus gives instructions to His subjects. He explains that a life that prioritizes God’s will brings an internal peace and trust that God will provide for and take care of His people. Here are four reasons why the Christian can […]

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When Grace Arrives on Christmas

When Grace Arrives on Christmas In Titus 2:11-13, we learn of 3 reminders for this Christmas season that point us to the hope of saving grace that Christ gives to His people. Resources: What is the Gospel? : How Do I Choose a Church? : Recommended Resources : Follow Us : […]

Triumph in Trouble (Psalm 20)

1. Helping and Hoping (vv. 1-5) a. The Help in Trouble (vv. 1-2) b. The Heart’s Worship (v. 3) c. The Heart’s Hopes (vv. 4-5) 2. Saving and Standing (vv. 6-8) a. Strength in Salvation (v. 6) b. Standing in God Alone (vv. 7-8) 3. Appealing and Answering (v. 9) a. The Appeal (v. 9a) […]

“Out of This World” (John 8:21-30)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Text : John 8:21-30 Summary: We learn of three great truths about Jesus that show us how to get out from this world and into the heavenly realm where Christ and the Father dwells. I. Jesus is Not of This World (vv. 21-24) II. Jesus is a Reliable Source […]

“Divided over Christ” (John 7:40-52)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Divided over Christ Text : John 7:40-52 Summary: This passage shows the different opinions that divide people over Jesus Christ. It also teaches us to be aware of any self-deception that may blind and prevent us from knowing and following the true Christ. I. The Division Over Christ […]

“You Don’t Want to Miss This” (John 7:32-39)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: “You Don’t Want to Miss This” Text : John 7:32-39 Summary: Jesus’ conflict with the Jewish people teaches us about the urgency to respond to Christ. Christ gives mankind an opportunity to trust in Him for the salvation and satisfaction of their souls. A. The Opportunity for Salvation […]

Clearing Up Confusion about Christ” (John 7:25-31)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Clearing Up Confusion about Christ Text : John 7:25-31 Summary: Jesus’ interaction with the people at Jerusalem clears up confusion about Him being sent by God. He teaches that truly knowing Him is to truly know God. Outline: I. The Confusion (vv. 25–27) II. The Claims (vv. 28–29) […]

“The Cure for Religious Hypocrisy” (John 7:19-24)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: The Cure for Religious Hypocrisy Text : John 7:19-24 Summary: Jesus’ interaction with the people gives us three cures for religious hypocrisy, so that we rightly understand how to avoid false ways of living and embrace the true way of living for Christ. Outline: I. Avoid the Wrong […]

“How We Know God Sent Jesus” (John 7:14-18)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: How We Know God Sent Jesus Text : John 7:14-18 Summary: This passage in John explains three ways we know that Jesus is the One sent by God to teach the truth of God and who calls us to believe in the Gospel of God. Outline: I. God’s […]

“What the Shepherd Provides for You” (Psalm 23)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: What the Shepherd Provides for You Text : Psalm 23 Summary: Psalm 23 describes God as a shepherd that provides three encouragements to His people as they journey through life. I. The Shepherd Provides Care (23:1-3) A. Care through Supplied Needs (v. 1) B. Care through Restoration (vv. […]

“I Will Wait for You” (Psalm 130)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: I Will Wait for You Text : Psalm 130 Summary: In deep distress, the Psalmist calls to God for help and puts his hope in Him as he expects God to save him. Christians can adopt four healthy responses when facing distress that point us back to God […]

“The Guiding Light of the Word” (Psalm 119:105-112)

Title: The Guiding Light of the Word Text : Psalm 119:105-112 Summary: This stanza of Psalm 119 shows how the guiding light of the Word of God is able to help God’s people navigate through life. A. A Light to Guide Us on the Path to Life (vv. 105-106) B. A Light to Guide Us […]

“Where Else Can We Go?” (John 6:66-71)

Title: “Where Else Can We Go?” Text: John 6:66-71 Speaker: Micah Anglo Summary: Though many of His followers stopped following Him, Jesus now turns to the twelve in order to test the genuine nature of their faith. In this passage, we learn of three types of disciples that teach us about a true discipleship whose […]

Where Is Your Allegiance? (John 6:59-65)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Where Is Your Allegiance? Text : John 6:59-65 Summary: As Jesus turns now to His followers to test their allegiance. Some will find it difficult to accept and others will believe in the One who grants life. This passage offers us two imperatives that will test our allegiance […]

“Eating the True Bread and Blood” (John 6:52-58)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Eating the True Bread and Blood Text: John 6:52-58 Summary: Jesus addresses the unbelief of those who oppose Him and instruct them to believe by accepting His true person and work of salvation. These four questions will help us check if we are truly partaking of the true […]

“Eat and Believe” (John 6:46-51)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Eat and Believe Text : John 6:46-51 Christ’s conversation with the unbelieving Jewish people reminds us to embrace two righteous responses to Jesus as the Bread of Life. I. Believe in the Bread of Christ (vv. 46-47) A. Believe in the One who sees God (v. 46) B. […]

“From Grumbling to Learning” (John 6:41-45)

Title: “From Grumbling to Learning” Text: John 6:41-45 As the crowd resisted Jesus’ offer to satisfy them as the bread of life, their grumbling gives us two commands to obey if we are to accept the true identity of Jesus Christ in our lives. I. Stop Grumbling Against Jesus (vv.41-43) a. The Grumbling (v.41) b. […]

“The Kind of Life Jesus Provides” (John 6:36-40)

Title: “The Kind of Life Jesus Provides” Text: John 6:36-40 Speaker: Pastor Micah We’re presented with two types of responses to the Bread of Life: rejection or belief. Jesus describes the kind of life that He provides for His followers who believe in Him. He secures for them a resurrected life that endures throughout eternity. […]

“The Mistakes of the Materially-Minded” (John 6:30-35)

“The Mistakes of the Materially-Minded” John 6:30-35 Preacher: Pastor Micah Jesus continues His Bread of Life discourse and addresses the people who are still skeptical about Him. We learn about four mistakes that materially-minded people make and how all men are in need of believing in Christ, the True Bread of Life, in order to […]

“Pursuing the Right Work” (John 6:22-29)

Title: Pursuing the Right Work Text : John 6:22-29 We learn of three cautions to take to heart as we avoid the wrong motives in pursuing Christ and embrace the righteous pursuit of Christ in true faith. 1. Don’t Work for Your Appetites (6:22-26) 2. Don’t Work for Temporary Things (6:27) 3. Don’t Work the […]

“The Savior’s Assurance in the Storm” (John 6:16-21)

Title: The Savior’s Assurance in the Storm Text : John 6: 16-21 Why Christians can have confidence in Christ during fearful, uncertain, and dangerous times: 1. Jesus Sees Us in the Storm (vv. 16-19a) 2. Jesus Reassures Us in the Storm (vv. 19b-20) 3. Jesus Brings Us Out of the Storm (v.21)

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A Happy Ending (Habakkuk 3:18-19)

Three commands that help us fight for happiness in hard times. In Hard Times Rejoice in the Lord (v. 18) In Hard Times Find Strength in the Lord (v. 19) In Hard Times Sing to the Lord (v. 19)

A Prayer for Intervention (Habakkuk 3:1-2)

In response to God’s words. Habakkuk begins his prayer-song to God while requesting that God would intervene in this troubled season of life. God’s people may pray for God to remember His covenant promises in the midst of turmoil and trust that God will bring salvation to them.

Congregational Conduct: On Serving God Together

This passage provides the two foundational truths that bind Christians together in their service to the Lord. Christian service must be rooted in our shared Gospel behavior and Gospel beliefs.

Congregational Conduct: On Elders (Part 4)

Today, we’ll consider how the overseer sets an example to the flock for healthy interpersonal relationships (vv. 4-7). This section indicates that godliness manifests itself in more than just personal life, but also in how we relate to others.

Congregational Conduct: on Elders (Part 3)

This text continues to provide churches with the proper biblical qualifications for the office of overseer. These qualifications are important because they strengthen the church and exemplify the faith to the members. Outline I.     The Overseer’s Desire (v.1) II.    The Overseer’s Godly Character (vv. 2-3) III.   The Overseer’s Relationship with Others (vv. 4-7)

Ebenezer: Thus Far the Lord Has Helped Us

Outline I. The Participants in the Glorious Victory      A.   A Godly Leader      B.   A Repentant People      C.   A Miracle Working God II. A Tribute to God’s Faithfulness: Ebenezer      A.   A reminder of God’s faithfulness      B.   A reminder of God’s provision for our everyday strength   […]

The Fruits of Justification

Summary Paul gives us two implication of being justified by faith, so that we can have security in this world as we wait for Christ’s return. Outline I. The Believer has Reconciliation with God (vv. 1-2a) II. The Believer has confidence (vv. 2b-5) A. Confidence Upon the Hope of Glory (v. 2b) B. Confidence Amidst […]

Congregational Conduct: Service for the Savior

Questions for Application 1. What is the purpose for our existence? 2. Based on this passage, do you serve because you’re saved or are you saved because you serve? 3. Where has God placed you to serve? What are your God-given gifts and how are you using them for the edification of God’s people? 4. […]

The Sixth Commandment

The sixth commandment is not only about refraining from the violent act of murder, but it also reminds us of our Christian responsibility to express love towards other human beings. This commandment teaches us five truths about the values of human life and our God-given responsibility to protect it.

The Fifth Commandment

The fifth commandment begins the second table of the Law (love for your neighbor). Honoring your parents serves as a foundation for loving others since it highlights the first and most fundamental human relationship, the parent-to-child relationship. Obedience to the fifth commandment cannot occur independent from faith in Christ. It also requires we understand five key elements of the commandment.

The Third Commandment

The third commandment is relevant for how we live the Christian life today. A proper understanding of the third commandment produces a life that honors God in speech and action. By taking heed to these four principles Christians can grow in their faith and fulfill their God-given purpose to give Him glory.

The One And Only God

2019 Summer Series – The Ten Commandments Outline I. Introduction the Ten Commandments A. Clarifying Key Terms B. Clarifying the Ten Commandments and Salvation        C. Clarifying the Profitability of the Ten Commandments II. The Purpose of the Ten Commandments A. The Law was Israel’s Rule and Reach to the Gentiles B. The […]

The Excellent Wife

This passage teaches us about the character and work of a godly woman. These virtues are to be admired, honored, recognized, and encouraged by godly men; and emulated, respected, and pursued by godly women.

Battling Betrayers (Part 2)

This passage reminds Christians of their responsibility to engage in the battle for purity. This fight for purity is not merely for the right beliefs of Christianity but for the right behaviors. We must diligently care for what other Christians preach and what they practice!

Battling Betrayers (Part 1)

This passage reminds Christians of their responsibility to engage in the battle for purity. This fight for purity is not merely for the right beliefs of Christianity but for the right behaviors. We must diligently care for what other Christians preach and what they practice!

The Grandeur of a God Who Saves

This passage continues Paul’s personal testimony. He continues to compare the true gospel and its impact on sinners such as himself with the gospel of the false teachers in Ephesus. The gospel of the false teachers produces immorality, but the true gospel saves and sanctifies sinners for the glory of God. This passage teaches us two truths about the true gospel.

Services and Offerings: The Dangers of Cheap Worship

In light of God’s love for His people, Malachi is confronting and rebuking the priests, who were supposed to be God’s representative and worship leaders of Israel, in their lack of honor and reverence towards God. Evidenced by their complacency which resulted to the desecration of the altar and apathy towards God.

The First Faithful Saying

This text reminds Christians of the unmovable truths of the gospel that gave Paul his thanksgiving (1 Tim 1:12-14) and strengthens our confidence in Christ’s forgiveness (1 Tim 1:16-17). This passage contains two unmovable truths that glorify Christ and encourage our souls.

Gospel Gratitude For Gospel Change

Paul shows the difference between the true gospel and the errant gospels of the false teachers in Ephesus. This passage teaches Christians that the true gospel is not just about the mind, it is about the genuine change of heart that leads to a change in lifestyle. God’s love expressed in the gospel leads Paul to express true gratitude.

The Lawful Use of the Law

The false teachers in Ephesus were inappropriately using the Law to skew basic gospel truths. Here, Paul sets the record straight by reminding the readers that the Law could not provide the righteousness necessary to stand before God. Instead, readers are reminded that our righteousness must come from Christ. These truths are important because they protect the church’s pursuit of holiness

Character vs. Corruption

This passage teaches today’s Christians that the growth and development of Christian love is the genuine result of God’s work in the life and service of the saint. Those who make a departure from the path that leads to love are exposed by their confident arrogance.

The Battle for Beliefs

This passage describes Paul’s instructions to Timothy for the church in Ephesus. Timothy is called to act on behalf of Paul in order to protect the church from opponents of His gospel.

By God’s People, For God’s People

This passage provides us the truths regarding the manner in which Christ protects and builds up the church which is the place of a Christian’s spiritual nourishment. In it, we see God building the church through faithful servants (Paul), committed disciples (Timothy), and His spiritual empowerment Outline I. Paul the Apostle (1 Tim 1:1) A. […]

Saints Who Stand: The Christian’s Spiritual Warfare

How believers can stand against Satanic struggles in everyday life. Outline I. Stand in the Strength of the Lord (Eph 6:10-11) II. Stand Against the Right Enemy (Eph 6:11-12) III. Stand in the Armor of God A. Stand Perfectly Prepared (Eph 6:13) B. Stand Strapped with Truth (Eph 6:14) C. Stand by Revealing Righteousness (Eph […]

By God’s People For God’s People

Today, we’re going to consider the background of the book of 1 Timothy. We will consider the author (Paul), the recipient (Timothy), and the situation in Ephesus that prompted the writing of this epistle. Here, we will learn valuable lessons about faithful Christian living and the importance of the local church for the growth and […]