Sermon Series

Seven Churches of Revelation

The Danger of Indifference

The passage teaches us five truths to embrace when we struggle with spiritual indifference or complacency. These truths encourage us to renew our love and devotion to Christ. We need to pursue spiritual devotion to God because an indifferent faith is a false faith. A complacent faith is not the mark of a true believer.

Sovereignty Over Suffering

Christ’s message to the Church of Smyrna teaches the believer today to remain faithful throughout suffering in difficulties. In this passage we find Christ encouraging His Church by reminding them of His sovereignty over life’s difficulties. As a result the believer is encouraged to know they will be triumphant and will become more like Christ, because all trials are under His sovereign control.

Cold-Hearted Christianity

Christ’s message to the Ephesian church teaches believers today to maintain the priority of exemplifying Christian love. In this passage, we find Christ assessing the church’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result, He provides a call to repent lest He bring judgment. Heeding to His call brings life to the church and the success of the Gospel.

Christ’s Evaluation of His Church

Revelation 2-3 provides Christ’s evaluation of seven real life churches from the 1st century. These churches share many commonalities of modern-day churches, including our own. While Revelation is a difficult book to study, we will consider four compelling reasons to study Revelation 2-3 over the course of the next seven weeks.