Sermon Book: Psalms

Triumph in Trouble (Psalm 20)

1. Helping and Hoping (vv. 1-5) a. The Help in Trouble (vv. 1-2) b. The Heart’s Worship (v. 3) c. The Heart’s Hopes (vv. 4-5) 2. Saving and Standing (vv. 6-8) a. Strength in Salvation (v. 6) b. Standing in God Alone (vv. 7-8) 3. Appealing and Answering (v. 9) a. The Appeal (v. 9a) […]

“What the Shepherd Provides for You” (Psalm 23)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: What the Shepherd Provides for You Text : Psalm 23 Summary: Psalm 23 describes God as a shepherd that provides three encouragements to His people as they journey through life. I. The Shepherd Provides Care (23:1-3) A. Care through Supplied Needs (v. 1) B. Care through Restoration (vv. […]

“I Will Wait for You” (Psalm 130)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: I Will Wait for You Text : Psalm 130 Summary: In deep distress, the Psalmist calls to God for help and puts his hope in Him as he expects God to save him. Christians can adopt four healthy responses when facing distress that point us back to God […]

“The Guiding Light of the Word” (Psalm 119:105-112)

Title: The Guiding Light of the Word Text : Psalm 119:105-112 Summary: This stanza of Psalm 119 shows how the guiding light of the Word of God is able to help God’s people navigate through life. A. A Light to Guide Us on the Path to Life (vv. 105-106) B. A Light to Guide Us […]