Sermon Book: Philemon

“How to Pray for God’s People” (Philemon 4-7)

Paul shared his prayer of thanksgiving to God for Philemon’s loveand faith. And before appealing to Philemon to do what is difficult,the apostle Paul prayed for him to encourage him to continue togrow in his love, faith, knowledge of Christ, and in serving thebrethren.Four examples of how to pray for God’s peoplea. Give thanks for […]

A Letter to a Friend on Forgiveness (Philemon 1:1-3)

Summary The apostle Paul writes a letter to his friend Philemon in the most loving way to ask him to forgive and restore his slave, Onesimus, who is now his brother through the gospel of Jesus Christ.A Letter to a friend on forgiveness Outline 1.The Sender (v.1)2.The Recipients (v.2)3.The Greetings (v.3)