Sermon Book: Luke

“Christmas Praise and Prophecy, Part 1” (Luke 1:67–80)

Summary Zecharias’ prophecy teaches us many truths about God, His salvation, and the Messiah that He sent in order to deliver His people. Outline 1. Praising God for His Salvation (67-75) a. His Praise Deserved (67-69) b. His Prophesied Deliverance (70-71) c. His Promise Distributed (72-73) d. His People’s Duty (74-75) 2. Preparing for God […]

A Vision for God’s Glory: The Woes of the Unrighteous (Part 2)

God’s third pronouncement of judgement serves as a lesson for all. A life built on sin and vanity works against its created purpose. But a life built for the glory of God serves its created purpose and will be confirmed in the end when His glory is recognized.