Sermon Book: John

“The Cure for Religious Hypocrisy” (John 7:19-24)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: The Cure for Religious Hypocrisy Text : John 7:19-24 Summary: Jesus’ interaction with the people gives us three cures for religious hypocrisy, so that we rightly understand how to avoid false ways of living and embrace the true way of living for Christ. Outline: I. Avoid the Wrong […]

“How We Know God Sent Jesus” (John 7:14-18)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: How We Know God Sent Jesus Text : John 7:14-18 Summary: This passage in John explains three ways we know that Jesus is the One sent by God to teach the truth of God and who calls us to believe in the Gospel of God. Outline: I. God’s […]

“Where Else Can We Go?” (John 6:66-71)

Title: “Where Else Can We Go?” Text: John 6:66-71 Speaker: Micah Anglo Summary: Though many of His followers stopped following Him, Jesus now turns to the twelve in order to test the genuine nature of their faith. In this passage, we learn of three types of disciples that teach us about a true discipleship whose […]

Where Is Your Allegiance? (John 6:59-65)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Where Is Your Allegiance? Text : John 6:59-65 Summary: As Jesus turns now to His followers to test their allegiance. Some will find it difficult to accept and others will believe in the One who grants life. This passage offers us two imperatives that will test our allegiance […]

“Eating the True Bread and Blood” (John 6:52-58)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Eating the True Bread and Blood Text: John 6:52-58 Summary: Jesus addresses the unbelief of those who oppose Him and instruct them to believe by accepting His true person and work of salvation. These four questions will help us check if we are truly partaking of the true […]

“Eat and Believe” (John 6:46-51)

Sermon Preached by : Micah Anglo Title: Eat and Believe Text : John 6:46-51 Christ’s conversation with the unbelieving Jewish people reminds us to embrace two righteous responses to Jesus as the Bread of Life. I. Believe in the Bread of Christ (vv. 46-47) A. Believe in the One who sees God (v. 46) B. […]

“From Grumbling to Learning” (John 6:41-45)

Title: “From Grumbling to Learning” Text: John 6:41-45 As the crowd resisted Jesus’ offer to satisfy them as the bread of life, their grumbling gives us two commands to obey if we are to accept the true identity of Jesus Christ in our lives. I. Stop Grumbling Against Jesus (vv.41-43) a. The Grumbling (v.41) b. […]

“The Kind of Life Jesus Provides” (John 6:36-40)

Title: “The Kind of Life Jesus Provides” Text: John 6:36-40 Speaker: Pastor Micah We’re presented with two types of responses to the Bread of Life: rejection or belief. Jesus describes the kind of life that He provides for His followers who believe in Him. He secures for them a resurrected life that endures throughout eternity. […]

“The Mistakes of the Materially-Minded” (John 6:30-35)

“The Mistakes of the Materially-Minded” John 6:30-35 Preacher: Pastor Micah Jesus continues His Bread of Life discourse and addresses the people who are still skeptical about Him. We learn about four mistakes that materially-minded people make and how all men are in need of believing in Christ, the True Bread of Life, in order to […]

“Pursuing the Right Work” (John 6:22-29)

Title: Pursuing the Right Work Text : John 6:22-29 We learn of three cautions to take to heart as we avoid the wrong motives in pursuing Christ and embrace the righteous pursuit of Christ in true faith. 1. Don’t Work for Your Appetites (6:22-26) 2. Don’t Work for Temporary Things (6:27) 3. Don’t Work the […]

“The Savior’s Assurance in the Storm” (John 6:16-21)

Title: The Savior’s Assurance in the Storm Text : John 6: 16-21 Why Christians can have confidence in Christ during fearful, uncertain, and dangerous times: 1. Jesus Sees Us in the Storm (vv. 16-19a) 2. Jesus Reassures Us in the Storm (vv. 19b-20) 3. Jesus Brings Us Out of the Storm (v.21)

What God Gives

This text reminds readers of the glories of the gospel.  The Word become flesh is the Christian’s joy and motivation for godly living. This text reminds Christians of three gospel truths that foster love and service to Christ the Lord.

A Diety Who Dwells

For the Christian, the holiday season is truly celebrated when we understand the doctrine of the incarnation of God the Son. This is a key doctrine that Christians have always believed. Today, we look at one passage that informs our understanding of the incarnation and will therefore help us celebrate Christmas in a God-honoring way.

What’s the Big Deal?

This passage teaches readers that eternal life is rooted in a biblical understanding of the person of Jesus Christ. In this passage, we learn that Christ alone can offer eternal life for three reasons.  Christ offers eternal life because of who He is, what He’s done, and what He offers.