Sermon Book: 1 Timothy

Instructions for Faithful Service

This passage provides Christians with the guidelines for proper gospel-centered service. Christians who aim to please God will remain focused on the four principles given in verses 6-8.

The Anatomy of a False Convert (Part 2)

This passage provides Christians with clarity on the reality of apostasy. In understanding where, how, and why apostasy happens helps Christians protect the integrity of the local church.

Congregational Conduct: On Elders (Part 4)

Today, we’ll consider how the overseer sets an example to the flock for healthy interpersonal relationships (vv. 4-7). This section indicates that godliness manifests itself in more than just personal life, but also in how we relate to others.

Congregational Conduct: on Elders (Part 3)

This text continues to provide churches with the proper biblical qualifications for the office of overseer. These qualifications are important because they strengthen the church and exemplify the faith to the members. Outline I.     The Overseer’s Desire (v.1) II.    The Overseer’s Godly Character (vv. 2-3) III.   The Overseer’s Relationship with Others (vv. 4-7)

Congregational Conduct: On Elders (Part 2)

This passage provides churches with biblical qualifications for church elders. These qualifications focus on the man’s character as an example to the entire congregation for mature Christian living.