Sunday Gathering Return

Gathering In-Person

Things will be a little different this Sunday (9/20).

The service will be held in the morning and be an online-only Chapel Broadcast.  More information about the broadcast can be found here

The in-person gathering at 4:30PM will be reserved for members of Pillar Bible Church only where we will hold our regular Member’s Meeting. 

Normally, we believe that Member’s Meetings should be reserved for those who are physically present since the church is the physical gathering of God’s people.  However, due to COVID-19, we will be making an exception to allow Zoom access to the meeting.  PBC Members, please check your email for information on how to join online.

For PBC members that will join in-person, we will continue to observe and practice the state and local guidelines for in-person gatherings.

  • Pre-register yourself and your family ahead of time to help us with capacity planning and help us prepare and better serve those members that are attending:
  • Seating: Onsite chairs will be sanitized prior to arrival and positioned to accommodate social distancing guidelines between household groups.  If you prefer, you are also welcome to bring your own lawn chair.
  • Weather: The forecast has a high of 81F.  There will be canopy shading available. We recommend packing a light jacket for the evening breeze. Those more sensitive to air quality should also take  precautions (or consider staying home) due to poor air quality of the CA wildfires. Please prepare appropriately and keep hydrated and safe. 
  • Symptom Check: Please stay home if you are sick with a cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever or chills or if you are currently under quarantine or isolation.  Join us online instead and we’ll see you in person next time.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: A face covering is required at all times.  This applies to all in-person adults and to children 2 years of age and older. Only individuals who have been instructed not to wear a face covering by their medical provider are exempt from wearing one. 
  • Physical Social Distancing: A minimum of 6 feet of space should be maintained between individuals or between household groups and others that are not in their own household group.
  • State Guidelines: If you or your children are unable to adhere to the face covering, social distancing, and other state/local guidelines, please stay home for the safety of those attending and out of love for your neighbor.  Until then, join us online.
  • For FamiliesParenting Tips for Social Distancing