How To Choose A Church

Choosing a church is a very important decision. A Christian’s church is vital to their spirituality. It provides a place that fosters spiritual growth through the teaching of sound doctrine, a community of other believers for accountability, and a platform to practice their spiritual gift. God cares about the local church so much that God the Son gave up His life for her (Acts 20:28). Please consider the following principles when deciding on a local church:

A place to learn—Choose a church of sound doctrine.  This is a non-negotiable. There are certain doctrines that have not changed in the history of the church and a departure from these basics would mean a departure from the biblical and historic Christian faith. If you want to know what these beliefs are, please take a look at our statement of faith.

A place to grow—Choose a church where godliness is a priority. Every doctrine is applicable to life (2 Tim 3:16-17). Therefore, a church that teaches sound doctrine should be a church that is conforming to greater godliness, to greater Christ-likeness. If you want to know how our church helps our members grow we have Sunday worship, Bible studies, small groups, Sunday school, and prayer meetings.

A place to serve—Choose a church that utilizes your spiritual gifts. Every Christian has a spiritual gift that is intended to encourage the local church (1 Cor 12:4; Eph 4:11-16). Don’t choose a church where you become a passive participant. Choose a church where you can grow in your giftedness for the health of the local body. This may not always be easy, but sometimes spiritual growth and development is challenging. Our local church has many needs, and maybe you can help us where we might lack! If you’re a believer looking for a local church speak with one of our elders about your gifts and how you may be able to serve the body.

A place to submit—Choose a church with biblical leadership. The Bible calls for Christians to submit to their leaders (Heb 13:17). This means that you should be able to submit to the leadership of your local church. Do not join a church where your membership undermines the existing leadership; this is detrimental to your spiritual growth and the unity of the body (Eph 4:1-3). Christian nuances to doctrines like baptism, church governance, and eschatology may not make an impact on your eternal destiny, they are important enough to potentially cause division in the local church. If at all possible, find a church where you can submit to leaders, their doctrinal convictions, and philosophy of ministry.

A place to commit—Choose a church that you can grow old with. As much as possible, choose a church for the long haul. If you feel led to leave a church, make sure you go through the proper godly steps to do so in good standing. A Christian firmly rooted in a local church is surrounded by people who know their strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, etc. Every time you leave a local church you forfeit a community that can adequately minister to you. Staying in the long haul is better for your long term spiritual growth and development.

We don’t have to be your local church, but we want all believers to be plugged into a local church. This is vital for the Christian’s spiritual growth and development, the universal church’s health, and the mission of the church to spread the gospel. Please, don’t neglect the importance of local church membership! Learn, grow, serve, submit, and commit—for your spiritual growth and for the glory of God!