The Gospel

Many people are curious about what happens after we die. Though many may not admit it, everyone on this earth will be headed into eternity. But where will you be? When you face God on judgment day, and He asks, “Why should I let you into heaven?” What will your response be? Our hope is that you understand and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that you can have full assurance of your forgiveness and relationship with the God of this universe. The gospel can be understood in four major points: God, Man and Sin, Jesus Christ, and Your Response. These points may be understood in four questions:

Who is God?

God is the creator of all things (Col 1:15-16) and all things are dependent upon Him. He created man in His image (Gen 1:27), so that man would have a relationship with God and worship Him. God is completely holy, pure, and perfect and there is no sin in Him whatsoever (1 John 1:5). Because of this, God requires perfection from man because anyone who wants fellowship with Him must be without sin (1 Pet 1:15; Matt 5:48).

Who is Man?

All of humanity has fallen short of God’s standard and has sinned against Him (Roman 3:10-11, 23). Sin is any form of disobedience or rebellion against God. It has ruined our relationship with God and separated us from Him. The penalty for sin is physical death that leads to eternity in hell. Those who die in unforgiven sin will end up in eternal punishment (Matt 25:46; Rev 20:10-15). There is nothing man can do to save himself because of his helpless state.

What did Christ do?

The good news is that God provides salvation through Jesus Christ for those who believe. Jesus came to earth as God and sinless man (John 1:1-210:30; Col 2:9). Jesus died on the cross and resurrected from the dead in order to pay the penalty of sin and restore our relationship with God (Heb 4:15). He took on the punishment for believers, forgives them of their sin, and makes them alive together with Him.

What must man do?

Many people can understand this message intellectual but not genuinely accept it. Our job is to respond to this message and repent. True repentance is turning from sin and turning to Christ as Lord and Savior. It’s a complete change of heart, attitude interest, and direction (John 3:35; Rom 1:5; 16:26). It also comes with a great love and unrivaled affection for Christ. This is a call for the lost to believe and follow after Jesus Christ and for them to go to God for forgiveness. You must respond to this Gospel because God is calling you to turn from your sin and turn to Him through Christ in faith (Acts 17:30). Today is the day of salvation, do not wait or delay because you do not know if tomorrow will come (Isa 55:6). Be reconciled with God today through Jesus Christ!