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      What’s in a name? What an organization chooses to name itself speaks volumes about what they value and cherish. A name is important because it serves as a foundational element of identity. This is why our local church prayerfully considered and passed the changing of our name. After 23 years of being called South Bay Christian Alliance Church (SBCAC), the members voted to change our name to Pillar Bible Church. The new name, Pillar Bible Church, accurately represents our identity and purpose as a church. The inspiration behind the name change was taken from 1 Timothy 3:15 where the church is described as a “pillar . . . of the truth.” Consider the significance of each word:


Pillar indicates the church’s aim to uphold the truth of God.


Bible indicates that the truth we uphold is grounded in God’s revelation, the Christian Scriptures

Church indicates we are a community of Christians committed to the worship of God, to the pursuit of godliness, and to the proclamation of the Gospel.

A name like Pillar Bible Church sets a high bar for the church, yet it is a challenge our local church willingly and humbly embraces. By God’s grace we hope that you see our church embody the meaning of our name.